Tieks by Gavrielli: Ad Deconstruction and Reconstruction

A beautiful simple ad for the Tiek ballet flat.
Ad recreation. Below is a design breakdown of the two ads.


This ad showcases beautiful alignment. Vertical alignment from the box, background, and test alignment create lift and unity to the image. The horizontal alignment is repeated on the box and in the shelf and wooden floor the boxes are sitting on. The horizontal lines anchor the image creating stability.


The original Tieks ad has a very simple, clean pallet. The teal and deep pink are highly contrasting. The grey is found in the background and in the typography. In the ad that I recreated, I sampled the deep blue from the flower and the teal from the tieks box to create the color contrast. The grey typography is a bit darker because the background is darker.


The ad designers at Tieks chose to use one font at different x-heights. The san serif font is easy to read close up and at a distance. The three different x-height ad the contrast that makes the Text visually interesting.

My ad mimicked the original—using three x-heights, but adding the Tieks logo as per the assignment requirements.

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